Cloud CRM

Worry-free CRM in the Cloud.  Connect with your office from the sunny beach.  Our neoCRM can be accessible from anywhere in the world on any device.

Responsive Design

neoCRM can be opened on any device: PC, Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet.  Turn on your device and connect to neoCRM

Award Winning Quality

Custom made for every business, Easy-to-use and Easy-to-navigate design have been recognized by many organizations which has won us many awards.

Loaded With Goodies

Every neoCRM installation comes custom made for your specific business organization.  We can add/remove modules to help suit your needs and speed up your daily work load

Customer Database Organization

Customers Relationship Management – neoCRM –  managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers.
Design To Brag About

We design neoCRM is to help businesses with their daily workload by simplifying the organization Customer relationship database.  Our CRM has been proven to speed up to 60% of the daily workload between the frontline employees: customer service, telemarketing, sales representatives, marketing and all the way up to management.

Completely Customizable

Every business organization is unique.  With this in mind, we created neoCRM to be completely customizable to be able to adjust to any business organization.  Prior to us implementing neoCRM to your organization we will do a full research of what your business requires and what we can do to help your organization run smoother.

Accelerated Sales

Help sales teams work on the most profitable and winnable deals.  Track any ongoing sale, sales history and possible future sales

Training provided

Eventhough neoCRM is very easy to use part of our service is training.  We want to make sure that everyone in your organization is comfortable with all our features.

Drill Down Reporting

See Real-Time reporting of your accounts payable vs account receivable or drill-down to any sales campaigns.  Look up top sales reps, top products, top services etc.  The possibilities are endless.

Free Updates & Support

Being hosted in the cloud you do not have to worry about updating your current infrastructure and servers.

Get ready to stand out

neoCRM’s service allows you to make a lasting impression
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