Your Documents in the Cloud

Send your files to your own private cloud.  Backup, Sync, Share, and Access your files from anywhere in the world with via a secure and encrypted link.


File Sharing

Easy file/folder sharing with any device anywhere in the world.  Compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux etc.  Choose password protected sharing and choose an exparation date.

Instant Backup in the Cloud

Backup your computer workstations (Mac/PC) or Servers (Windows, Linux, Mac) to neoCloud for easy recovery.  Avoid long recovery downtime with our backup recovery which takes minutes instead of hours/days.  Instant backup – we backup your files every second.  We do not wait for end of day backups as our competitiors. In case of any issues at your office, we assure you that you will not miss a day off work.

One-Stop Cloud

Check your e-mail, check your calendar, share your calendar.  You can even check the weather!  neoCRM is trully a one-stop for all your business applications.

Support & Helpdesk

Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced. We know the applications well, including SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server, Linux or Mac. We offer email and free telephone support if you have any difficulties.  We are proud to brag about our excellent customer service.

+ More

We customize your private neoCloud specific for your business needs.  Contact us and ask us how we can accelerate your business requirements.

  • Single Sign-on
  • Chat with fellow employees
  • Check your e-mail
  • Check your calendar
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Box, Dropbox etc)
  • Attach a Windows shared folder
  • Connect with ActiveDirectory
  • Backup your personal files (our cloud does everything for you, no user input required)
  • Deleted a file? Can’t find your file in the Trash? No problem! Retrive it from neoCloud
  • Moving your files to another computer? Let neoCRM do that for you with no user input required
  • Access your files from Home or anywhere in the world
  • Duplicate your files on multiple computers (ex: Work Computer & Home Computer)