neoPhone Systems

neoPhone offers a flexible Business VoIP Phone Solution.  We will build your phone system to suit your business to be simple to use yet powerful and work seamlessly.

Keep your number

You can keep your existing phone number or we can provide you with a new local phone number or even a Toll Free 1-800 number.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

“Thank you for calling <“YourBusinessName”> please dial 1 for Customer Service” – we will build an Interactive Voice Response greetings exactly the way you want and most importantly – Multilingual.


You can forward your extension number to any cell phone OR download our Android/iOS (iPhone) app and access your extension the same way as you would at your office.  Work from home, work from the beach and stay in touch with your office

Voicemail to your e-mail!

Not at the office but would like to check your voicemail? Not a problem! neoPhone can e-mail you your voicemail or you can simply login to our portal and check your voicemail.

Support & Helpdesk

We will configure and install your phone system and make sure that you do not have to worry about any migration.  If you have any questions regarding your phone system you can always reach us via email or give a us a quick call and we will be happy to assist you.  Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and always ready to help.

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Customer Service Groups – (call center queues)
  • After-Hours Greetings
  • Voicemail – anywhere! Check your voicemail from anywhere from our portal or receive your voicemail in your email as an attachment.
  • Mobile! – cell phone app
  • Record Phone calls
  • Conference Rooms – have multiple callers
  • neoPhone Portal offers every extension a dedicated login to make any changes for your extension.  You can setup your personal greetings, check your voicemail, check your call log (received calls & outgoing calls) and even forward your calls to your cell phone or any other extension.  Your extension is in your control.